impactus tertius part


Neinth Floor of Northern Stellar High School's Laboratory building, October 200⑨

"So you ditched the morning homeroom session again, right, Nathan Spencer IRL? " [insert_deuteragonist_name_here] greeted [insert_protag_name_here] who's already watin' here probably for hours.

"Yes, and I'm much better than Spencer right now, at least he couldn't fly and I can. Besides, this time I really got this crap covered. "

"By how? "

"This device of mine, it's actually much more powerful than any computer in this age in computation power. And unlike any other computer, it's directed connected with my brain so I can use it with pure instinct, like part of my organs. Thus these math exams , or whatever form of exams will never be my problem, and I can get full marks that my headmaster would allow me to do anythin'. What's your excuses to come here? "

"Nah, I don't need excuses, our headmaster won't mind our business for some reasons, so my class was always in anarchy. "

"So you escaped the anarchy all the way here? "

"Exactly. Otherwise what else would I do? Watch them trappin' a cat with a mouse and see how long it takes for one to eat another one? "

"Not if the cat was equipped with my kinda equipments. "

"That's not funny, bro. Meanwhile I've heard that you got a TA job at the IT class? "

"It's not a job in any payment, and it's not TA either. It's just me pretendin' to be a TA so I got access to the teacher's machine that has workin' USB ports and much faster processor. But with my current equipment I don't need that position anymore. Gotta resign. "

"I won't if I was you. "

"Why? "

"It's the perfect opportunity to approach freshmen girls. Serious, the only moment that I wanna learn programmin' as well... "

"That's all you thought on IT technologies, right? "

"I don't fuckin' care about IT technologies, but you would also agree, that girls in our grade are totally shit. "

"And these freshmen girls aren't? They're the same bunch of girls! "

"Not if they haven't been contaminated by the toxicity of this school for long. As for these freshmen girls, they're in here only for one month. "

"Fine then, you can go apply for an unpaid TA yourself, to see if you could pick up some freshmen girls you like. Like I said before, I lost interest on almost anything that our generation seem to care. Grades, girls, whatever you name it. Especially after I gain these magical devices or such. "

"Then what do you care anyway? The persue of the true knowledge of the universe? Come on, stop acting like you're an alien in human disguise or something. Besides, there is one more thing on your way to goddom. "

"The rich arse kid that we robbed and trolled last week? "

"How would you deal with him? He will definitely ask his father's collection back. Probably after a beatdown from his father. "

"Then I will beat him up another time, simple. Seriously, I will try to finish this objective without the armor or glasses. Just the neuron link shall be enough, and he's dumb enough not to know I'm still enhanced. "

"Then what? Tell him to go fuck himself or another round, right? "

"Not just that. Mostly he will just pretend to surrender, and try to backstab me in the future. I will try to threaten him more, like how his family might have illegal connection with the school board, or the corruption his father might have in his own company, or how he's a lizard people instead of human. At one of these things are true! "

"And he still had the power to fuck you up, before you can actually damage his family using your claims. As I seem it, we shall do long time project of really collecting the evidence of his family's crimes, and fuck his family up asap. "

"The arm race of fucking each other up... Interesting, and he will never reach my speed. Even if his father is wealthy as fuck, he's a normal person anyway, but I am not, " protag prepared his arm and gear for flight, "Just beat him up today to begin with. "

And protag jumped from the roof of the laboratory building and started flying towards the main building, or precisely, one of the windows of his own classroom.


"Who the actual fuck shut the window down... " By manually openin' one of the windows, protag climbed into his classroom. The homeroom time is almost over and he saw the rich kid already there and with girls surrounding him, as usual.

And he saw his father's gear worn on protag as well. "Well, well, protag, I never thought it's you who has stolen my father's armor from my party, you bottom feeder fuck! "

"Not if your father stole from me first. See, I'm the legitimate owner of this armor, and arm attachment, and you're not. " protag shoved his arm besides the rich kid and scared him, "See, neither your father nor you can actually control this crap, but I can. That's the proof everyone and their slave needs. "

"How dare you speak to the Master like that! " One of his sidekick wanna beat protag and soon found himself in the air by his arm, "Go fuck yourself. " protag grabbed and threw him outta the classroom, in everyone's horror.

"None of your business, servants. Discussions with your master only. One more arsehole servants of yours and you're gonna be a bigger arse joke, rich fuck. "

"Fine, I'll let you play for a while, but you'd better give it back to me, or..."

"Or what? You're gonna use your father's magical power to expel me from this school and furtherly fuck me up? At the same time I can say I will make you a piece of dead meat, and murder everyone in your family in a minute. Nope, we won't do that. What about we had a fair fight, no enhancements, no armor. You beat me down, you can have your armor; Otherwise, I keep it. Deal? "

"You're not in any position of making deal with me! "

"Or you don't wanna have a fair fight, right? " protag unequipped his armor and glasses and put them on the ground, "Listen up everyone! This rich fuck doesn't want a fair fight. That's understandable, because unfair fight is the winning rule of everyone in his corrupted family! That's how his father gained an opportunity to be the executive of the Silver Mining Company, and that's how he will gain all the luxurious shit while everyone else in his company are so broke, that they can't eat any normal meal! " protag watched his opponent having significant mental shift, even when he's actually not wearing glasses, "And more interesting, that's how his mother licked and fucked the school board director's nein centimeter small dick, to send his fat arse kid in here! "

"Enough! I'll fuckin' kill you, and grind you into pieces-" An enraged rich kid waived his fist to protag, only to be predicted and dodged, and protag kicked his butt instead, "Wow. I was just shit talking your mother outta my arses, and you're suddenly that angry? So the rumor of your mother having sex with the school board is indeed true. I did NAZI that coming! "

The rich kid angrily turned around, just facin' an accelerated protag shovin' an high speed fist up his nose, almost braking it.

"Yes, the life is indeed unfair, at least for your hard working father, " protag trolled the rich kid sarcastically, "What about we walk together, and report to your father of his wife's cheating, after I beat the literal crap outta your fat arses minutes later? He will be ueber happy to hear that. "

"You know that, " protag dodged the rich kid's attack again, and noticed one of his sidekicks attepted to move the armor on the ground away; but this armor is too heavy for that stupid arsehole to move, and he would like to see them fruitlessly try it, "There're bunch of kids that can't eat things right, and there're another bunch of kids that profit the fuck outta these kids, and-" protag suddenly appeared in the rich kids's back, punched him into the ground, extracted two shoelaces from his shoes, and used one of them to wind around his neck suffocatin' him, "And you know what, another bunch of kid received ueberhuman abilities, and will beat the crap outta people like you, and give justice to all! "

After leavin' the rich kid suffocatin', protag could deal with the armor thief, and use this perfect excuses to progress the beatdown into the next stage, "Wow wow wow, you rich fuck, can you please educate your servants for a little bit? I said a fair fight. Not someone who will stab me in the back, try to steal my armor in vain. You know what, the fair fight period is over! " protag punched the armor thief and swiftly appeared befind his back, usin' another shoelace to strangle his neck too, and quickly equipped all of his Inititator systems, "Now, enjoy the unfair fight! "

There are already a bunch of the rich kid's servants tried their best to remove the shoelace stranglin' his neck, and succeed, "Thank you servants, for savin' your master without my help. But now, you can all go fuck yourself. " protag used his extensive arm to throw every one of them into somewhere else and suddenly grabbed the rich kid and threw him outside classroom. And he saw the armor thief almost suffocated to death, "And no, I don't want legal troubles. Fine, I'll save your sorry arse life. " He removed the shoelace in the armor thief's neck, and smashed him into desk and chairs too.

Protag ran outside the classroom to confront the rich kid, "Well, after the pain in your body, the humiliation that you had all across your servants and girls, would you like to finally realize that I am the sole legitimate owner of my armor and such, and sign the contract to completely give up your retarded claim of my ownership of them, and happily go fuck yourself? "

The rich kid's servants were all watchin' behind the classroom door, but none of them dare to come out for a bit, afraid of bein' thrown again; "W-what are you waitin' for? Get his sorry arse! " the rich kids still imagined one of his servants could solve the problem for him, "In that case, I suppose you need another round of re-educations. Encore! "


Protag threw the rich kid outside the main building, at the same time he checked the Icarus system and jumped outside the window too and started flyin'. He grabbed the rich kid in midair and kept flyin'. "Loadin' Brownian motion flight patterns... Oh what the fuck? "

As long as protag was in the air, and Opposition SDA was happened to also appear in the sky, shootin' missiles to him. "This time it's an unmanned model, onni-chan. "

"That means we can try to control it, right? I suddenly had a better idea to torture this rich fuck, Athena chan. " protag flew all the way up to the maximum height his flight system could ever reach, released the rich kid midair, and did a fast desendin' to appoarach the SDA and grabbed it. In less than a second he had taken over the system on the enemy SDA, and started drivin' it to match the speed of the freefallin' rich kid.

Seconds later the aircraft reached close proximity with the rich kid, "I remembered this SDA model had a mechanical claw to transport goods, use this one to grab him. " The aircraft grabbed the rich kid seconds before he hit the ground and become pieces of dead meat probably, "Uploadin' Brownian motion flight patterns... Set flight time as 1145.14 seconds... And done! Enjoy shittin' your pants, arsehole! "

Then protag left the aircraft, and flew into the top floor of the laboratory building, and watched the rich kid moanin' midair. "You're still there? Shouldn't you go to class already? "

"Of course I knew you will choose this way to torture him. Impressive. And that means your little negotiations went in total failure? "

"Not just 'total failure'. Everyone of them and their servants wanna attack me, and they all failed. Now time to enjoy that rich arsehole moan, I'll ask him of contracts again when he's landed. "


1145.14 seconds later

After minutes of Brownian motions, the aricraft landed on the playground, and protag flew to there to confirm the situation of his prey. While the rich kids are deeply frightend by the stunt, moanin' "No! Humph! Humph! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! "

"How you like that, huh? You want another round? "

"Of course not! Have your stupid armor, and stop botherin' me! "

"If I had it, how would you report to your father, of his collections missin'? "

"I don't tell him about a god dammed thing! As long as you don't show up in his face with this, I suppose he will never know anyway. "

"Nor would he try to report to police either, because he got them in illegitimate means himself. So rest assured, this thing is almost settled. " protag released the grab on the rich kid by sendin' the aircraft commands, "But remember, I will keep an eye on you, any more attepts to fuck with me, hard evidences of your family's dirty business would be appeared to people that shouldn't have got acknowledged. Understood? "

"Yes, yes, just leave me alone! "

"Sure. Will do. " protag rided on the aircraft and flew with a high enough attitude, left the aircraft with a delayed release control command.

"You released control of the aircraft? Don't you wanna have a personal aircraft, onii-chan? "

"Nah, I don't wanna or don't have any means to maintein or refuel such aircrafts. But if I sent it back, our enemies will do such jobs for us. Besides, when we need to use one, one will always come. "

"Why? "

"Didn't you remember? The Opposition seems to have ways to detect me, as long as I'm above ground and airborne, they can always send a SDA after me, and at least in these days, they're always unmanned. I guess last time they did totally lost a pilot. So I just need to fly myself, and then a free and powerful aircraft will always come. "


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